Another perspective of Tijuana

Financial Times correspondent Adam Thomson is posting blog-like descriptions about his 14-day visit along the U.S.-Mexico border, and you can read what he has to say here.  

In his first few days in Tijuana, Adam checked into a hotel in the central district, visited the migrant shelter and took a stroll along  the western-most part of the border fence where metal meets the ocean waters(picture above). The postings, called “Mexico border diary,” provide a traveller’s perspective of life along the border. The latest border diary page is from Mexicali.   (addition: The “border diary” seems to have prompted some critical response for its description of Tijuana. See comments below…) 

Thomson’s project involves writing more standard news stories about border issues – such as this one from the Texas border –  in what’s described as a series on “the changing nature of the US-Mexico border, on communities being torn apart by restrictive U.S. policies,” according to the paper’s web site.

5 responses to “Another perspective of Tijuana

  1. I must say, I find his omniscient tone rather grating, and his description of Tijuana as “Mexico’s large and incredibly ugly border city” a bit judgmental.

  2. For a reporter from the Financial Times, doing this border is a form of slumming. He is also very ignorant of how migration works. I’d recommend him to do some Border Thinking, maybe visit my website at

    I love the photos on your site. May I use any of them?

    Best, Laura

  3. Hi, Caroline.
    Yes, I probably should have named this “An OUTSIDER’S perspective of Tijuana.”
    It’s so easy to dismiss the place as ugly if you don’t have the time or patience to get to know it better. The city may not exactly inspire love at first sight but many of us are drawn to it for its dynamic nature and learn to accept the good with the bad. Underneath the surface are fascinating and inspiring stories for those who make the effort to find them.

  4. Hi, Laura. Thanks for your comments. I’ll touch base with you via email regarding possible use of photos. Anna

  5. Victor Martinez

    This guy is obviously a racist or on some ego trip. Tijuana isn’t so altogether ugly as to be described as incredibly ugly. There are parts that look like any American city, such as Plaza Rio. What kind of person will visit a city for 14 days and expect to be an expert.

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