Daily Archives: September 15, 2008

Tijuana as architectural inspiration


The San Bernardo neighborhood of Tijuana is getting attention from a cross-border team of urban planners and architects who want to fortify the flood-prone area with paved roads and a more sustainable community environment. They also hope to show that projects like this can help prevent run-off from mucking up the ocean and wildlife estuary just north of the border. 

Oscar Romo, an environmentalist and urban studies lecturer at the University of California – San Diego is leading the effort, according to a story that ran earlier this year in The Christian Science Monitor, which notes that Romo’s students and San Bernardo residents have been making thousands of hexagon-shaped pavers. 

Harvard graduate student Quilian Riano also recently visited the Tijuana neighborhood. For his architecture and design thesis project, Riano will be designing a community center and homes for the area. You can read Quilian’s thoughts about the project and see pictures on his blog, Fruitful Contradictions. 

Riano is coordinating with Romo and Teddy Cruz, an architect and associate professor at USCD with strong ties to the border. Cruz has applied his research of residential spatial areas in Mexican border cities such as Tijuana to designs north of the border. You can read a New York Times story about Cruz’ work here.

Screenshot of Fruitful Contradictions blog.