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Rosarito-Ensenada bike ride’s last lap?

The Rosarito Beach-Ensenada coastal road is typically populated by speeding and chortling cars,  but twice a year it shuts down and the roadway is taken over by the swooshing hum of bicycles. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that this may be the event’s last year because of declining attendance. An organizer tells the newspaper that they need to have at least 7,000 to possibly keep the event going after 28 years. So far they are expecting just 5,000 for the Sept. 27 Saturday event (go to the article to learn more about why).

Doesn’t that sound like a challenge? Maybe it’s time for all of us to dust off our rusty two-wheelers. I know people who have done this 50-mile ride and they say it’s not about being the fastest or having the most sophisticated bike, or sporting the most Lycra; It’s more of a communal event with the highlight being the chance to see the stunning Baja California peninsula up front and close without the fear of being rear-ended.

For more information about registering, go here.

For a first-person account of what the Rosarito-Ensenada ride is like (two guys who start it off in Tijuana) , go here.

YouTube video of the ride from BajaGeoff.

The Tijuana bug…crosses the border

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The Asian citrus psyllid, which is seen as a potential threat to the citrus industry in California, was last spotted in Tijuana several months ago, and I’ve been following its trajectory every since.

Part of my interest is that this blog apparently had its first “scoop” in a July 1 posting when I encountered a press release online about the bug being found in Tijuana (this is not a dig on the media…reporters are pressed for resources around the country as their staffs are being reduced).

Well, the psyillid apparently made it across the border. An insect trapped near the Sweetwater Reservoir in San Diego County was determined to be an Asian citrus psyllid by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, according to news media this week.

The good news: It didn’t test positive for the disease that can wreak havoc on the crops.

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