meprofileAnna Cearley-Rivas worked 14 years with The San Diego Union-Tribune, and spent half her career there based out of Tijuana, Mexico, covering all aspects of border life. She received an award for best Latin American Reporting in 2006 from the the National Hispanic Journalists Association for a series of stories about the effects of the drug trade on Mexican communities. (Read one of the articles here.)

In addition to traveling extensively through Mexico, she also reported from Nicaragua and El Salvador through a one-year journalism grant sponsored by the Inter American Press Association. She has since started a master’s program at the University of Southern California, and is studying the management and creation of online communities while also working full-time at the university.

This blog is intended to add another dimension to what’s being written about the border. Coming from a former journalist, the blog will highlight media stories about the border while also injecting the perspective of someone who interviewed hundreds of people who make up this city: Tijuana’s shoe shiners, mayors and “narcocorrido” musicians, to name a few. She considers Tijuana and Baja California to be her second home and continues to visit the region regularly.

She can be reached at cearlrivas(at)yahoo.com. For additional professional background, go to this Linkedin page.


**Note: Opinions and commentary in this blog in no way reflect the views or policies of USC or any other institution.  Even though I am no longer working as a newspaper reporter I will also continue to respect the privacy and confidence of people who shared certain sensitive information with me during the time I was with the Union-Tribune. Finally, any necessary disclosures will be noted in postings such as this one. **

Creative Commons License
Across the Border by Anna Cearley is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. The author requests that others exercise courtesy in providing proper attribution and links to content originating on this blog. Unless otherwise indicated, photos were taken by the author.

10 responses to “About

  1. Anna,
    Very nice. Very good to see there are others who appreciate the border region. You have to cover it and discover it to love it I think.. fondly, Laura Castañeda

  2. Fantastic resource, Anna. I’ve placed you on my Mexico Real Estate Tourism blogroll (http://mexicotourism.wordpress.com) and expect to refer to your posts frequently.


  3. Anna
    Great to see you are keeping up and sharing. I have now added your blog to my “must read” list. FYI, I am working on the development of a Administration of Justice course on Border Crime and Disorder. I plan to address the challenges border communities like Tijuana and San Diego face by virtue of their location. I hope you have a Happy and Healthy New Year.

  4. Anna,

    A great website/blog. I go to Tijuana periodically (4-5 x per year), and find the information and perspective on this blog refreshing. It seems less aimed at the tourist and more for those who want to get to know the culture of the town as native Tijuanenses do.

  5. Nice blog, just saying hi to fellow border reporters. Hope all goes well. Used to work alongside Sandra Dibble when I worked for Frontera in Tijuana. Greetings.

  6. Hi Just wanted to congratulate you on a facinating website that lifts the lid on what is a thouroughly facinating and colourful city. Ive only visited once a while ago now but the memory is vivid! My interest was stirred again after reading Kem Nunn’s great novel Tijuana Straits. I’m sure i’ll return one day. Regards Mike (uk)

  7. Awesome site. As a former San Diego resident, I’m always hungry for new insight into the border community. Love your writing and keep up the good work!

  8. Anna! Great Blog! It fascinates me as a young aspiring journalist and as a fronterizo, to come across this type of blog…great! come visit my blogs!

    http://www.LatinMediaGurus .com

  9. It is aways distressing to see the starving dogs in Tijuana .
    I encourage every one to visit the web site Humane Society de Tijuana
    (HSTJ) .
    Please help in any way you can

  10. i live in Tijuana and i have a drivers license of Tijuana. I came to visit my sister and the police stop me and i told him Im just visiting and my sister let me borrow her car.. They took my sister car and they can give her back until 30 days.. it is that legal? it is something i can do?

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