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Tijuana tunnel house opens as art museum


Most tourists won’t get the chance to crawl through a cross-border drug tunnel, but the new Casa del Tunel art museum may be the next best thing.

The project, which formally opens this weekend, is providing a new cross-border meeting point for arts and culture while also embracing the structure’s underground past.  I got to know the house in its previous incarnation when I was working as a reporter for The San Diego Union-Tribune. Authorities found a cross-border tunnel in 2003 that started from the home and ended in a San Ysidro parking lot. A year later, I took my curious editor to the house, which appeared to us to be locked up and abandoned. Turned out it wasn’t. Soon after, authorities found the house had been broken into again by tunnel diggers tapping into the remaining sections of the passageway. 

As far we know, the tunnel is now properly sealed. An opening celebration for the new museum, run by the Border Council of Arts and Culture “to create a new model at the U.S.-Mexico Border region for sustainable cultural development,” is scheduled for this Saturday, Sept. 27, at 5 p.m. You can get directions here. And when I learn more about the museum’s schedule, I’ll update this post.

***Update: It appears the museum is only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday by appointment. That’s too bad because I’m sure they would get a fair amount of foot traffic if it were more accessible.

For more information on the Casa del Tunel, read this story in The San Diego Union-Tribune. as well as this one by the Associated Press that has info. on upcoming Casa events. Also, check out this video on the Union-Tribune’s web site.***

Screenshot from Border Council of Arts and Culture website