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Hot or Not – Tijuana style


It’s been a rough past month for Tijuana: decapitated bodies were found that are presumably linked to drug trafficking activities, and a prolonged prison riot reportedly claimed the lives of more than 20 people. 

With all that bad news, Tijuana coincidentally found an interesting antidote to recovering normality: A beauty contest. This wasn’t just any beauty contest. Sponsored by Frontera newspaper, the competition was to identity the hottest government officials in Tijuana –  both men and women. 

It seems to have brought some levity back to the city. The Tijuana weekly Zeta reports that Alberto Capella, Tijuana’s top public security official, jokingly told the contest sponsors that if he couldn’t be nominated (since he’s sacrificed his own personal attention for the good of the city) then his top aide, Rafael Cobian, should be on the list (Cobian was added).

Frontera, which regularly holds polls to determine what people think about current events, reported they have broken records with this particular one, with more than 500,000 votes for each category. To see the candidates, go here. The winners were published in today’s newspaper. They are: Tijuana mayor Jorge Ramos, who got 150,511 votes and Silvia Alvarez, with the city’s civil registry office, who captured 149,635 votes:

Photos are screenshots from Frontera’s web page

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