A fence is no barrier for a kiss in Tijuana










Playas de Tijuana, a neighborhood that lies in the city’s most northwest alcove is a breath of fresh air from the noisy streets and hectic pace of life just over the hill. I like to come here to decompress and walk near the border fence that trails out to the ocean in a cinematically corrosive blur.

Families who can’t cross the border or don’t want to deal with the waits come here to have picnics with their friends and family. They share gossip, news, and pass food through the poles and mesh fence across from California’s Border Field State Park.

In my most recent visit here, I took some photos. It wasn’t until later when I was looking at them on my computer that I saw that someone had cut open a small hole here. It’s just the right size for a cross-border kiss. 


3 responses to “A fence is no barrier for a kiss in Tijuana

  1. Wow this is intresting as well.
    So this fence is moniterd? how high is it?

  2. My camera wasn’t able to capture the Border Patrol sitting in their car right across from this nice family scene. They keep a watchful eye…

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