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This is my itinerary for a ten-day roadtrip along the Baja California, Mexico, peninsula over New Year’s (2007). The journey started in Tijuana and it got as far south as Loreto. It involves whale watching, visiting missions, hiking to cave paintings, and relaxing on beaches and an island. To allow for a leisurely pace, I didn’t attempt to travel further south to La Paz or Cabo San Lucas.

Photos and video postings will be added as I develop this page.

Disclaimer: Some sections are better than others…I didn’t set out to do a National Geographic-style documentary, and this was before I had the chance to learn video skills through my former newspaper job.

*Heading South*

1) Day one: From Tijuana to Guerrero Negro. A beautiful day-long drive south along ocean coastline, agricultural zones and dramatic rocky terrain into the northern tip of Baja California Sur state. Guerrero Negro is a great place for whale watching if you are there in the right season (Jan-Feb-March).


2) Day two: Guerrero Negro-Santa Rosalia- Loreto. Santa Rosalia is the first town you hit on the eastern peninsular coastline and it’s a good place for lunch. Santa Rosalia has an interesting mining museum and vestiges of distinct architecture from its French settlers. Continue south past the town of Mulege to Loreto.

3) Day Three:  Loreto. Take a trip to the Isla Coronado. This day-long excursion by small boat takes you along the island for snorkelling. Then the boats congregate for lunchtime at a sandy beach with aquamarine-colored water. Spend the afternoon lolling around.

4) Day Four: Loreto. Head east into the mountains to visit the San Franciso Javier Mission. The road is bumpy and winding, but the mission is well worth the trip for the scenery and bit of history. (note: some outdated information. The road entrance has probably been constructed by now.)

Raise the volume on your computer for this one:

5) Day Five: Loreto. Visit a beach just south of the town. Ask locals for directions.

*Heading back north*

6) Day Six: Loreto to Mulege. Take a detour along the way to Mulege to visit more beaches. We visited the beaches along Bahia Concepcion and then made it to Mulege for dinner.

7 ) Day Seven: Mulege. Walk from one end of the community to the other; Visit museums and sit in the plaza and watch the town go by – slowly.

8 ) Day Eight: Mulege-San Ignacio: Go on a guided tour to the Canon la Trinidad for some easy hiking and visits to pre-Columbian rock art sites. Then drive west across the peninsula to San Ignacio.

9) Day Nine: San Ignacio-Catavina. San Ignacio is like a desert oasis – you can’t miss it from the road. If you come during whale season, this can make an interesting side trip. We hired a tour guide who took us to a lagoon but we were too early in the season to see many whales. Afterwards, we tried to make it to Tijuana, but it got dark so we spent the night in Catavina.

10) Catavina to Tijuana.  Appreciate your last glimpse of the peninsula before heading back into this border metropolis.

5 responses to “Baja trip

  1. I have made this drive several times and I have never gone past Loreto either! The open country, the abrupt changes in ecosystems, the fresh air…a well-worth drive AND, unlike most of Mexico, no toll-roads! Loreto was a bit of a tourist-trap, but Santa Rosalia and Muluge were fantastic!

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  3. Streetgourmetla

    Love that drive and these towns.

  4. I’ve been a little remiss about updating this section….

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