Dancing away the tourism blues in Baja California


Can Baja California dance away its tourism blues?

U.S. expat Rob Cochran, 42, hopes so. Cochran, who lives in Baja California, said he was inspired to create this video dance project (a surprise launch at B.C.’s La Fonda restaurant took place June 28) to counter the coverage of drug trafficking violence and the Swine Flu scare earlier this year. The Baja Tequila Dance is intended to inspire tourists to see Mexico in a more positive light.

Cochran, who made Baja his home four years ago, has been working at the Hotel La Fonda for about a year and he told me it’s frustrating to get calls from people who cancel their reservations because they think it’s “too dangerous” or “because of all the violence.”

“Sure, there’s crime here in Mexico, just like anywhere else in the world. But when I look around, I don’t see bullets flying, there are no thugs waiting to kidnap me at every turn, and I’ve not known a single person to get the dreaded swine flu,” Cochran wrote me in an email.

Cochran, who told me he doesn’t work for a Baja tourism agency, nonetheless makes for a good ambassador. He wrote that he considers Baja California “the most beautiful and peaceful place I’ve ever lived.”

“I live without a car, I walk to work most days along the highway overlooking the ocean…I rent a charming little casita in a beautiful neighborhood for $350 a month that includes all my utilities, and my day to day life is filled (with) a variety of activities ranging from spontaneous dinners and BBQ’s at the neighbors’ , volunteer functions, fundraisers, fiestas and the occasional quiceanera or wedding.”

For more information on The Baja Tequila Dance  and how the project came to be, go to this site: http://www.thebajatequila.com

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