Tijuana’s basketball team – The Galgos – wrap up the season


         Tijuana Galgos (in green and black uniforms) at this weekend’s game

What to expect at a Tijuana Galgos game: Chile sauce on popcorn,  the Mexican national anthem – and the team’s U.S. fans cheering loudly in English.

“Go, Galgos!”

“Go, Jerome!”


A Tijuana Galgos game doesn’t seem to be so much about crass commercialism or redundantly flawless moves. This is basketball as I imagine it should be: A bunch of guys of varying height brought together across borders by a shared passion and competitiveness. The team (like others in Mexico’s professional basketball league, which was founded in 2000) has a fair number of African-American and Mexican-American players from the United States.

I was vaguely aware that Tijuana had a basketball team, but it took me a while –   Sorry! I’m  not typically a sports fan – to finally see them this past Saturday.

It was the last game of the season, against Ciudad Victoria which is another border city south of Texas. The Galgos (translation: a type of greyhound) had been struggling throughout the year – faced with a rotating roster of coaches – and expectations weren’t running particularly high.

Every so often, the Galgos Girls performed a series of modest dance moves. During half-time some local high school basketball players were honored with tropheys. The Galgos mascot, a masked fellow in a cape, at one point grabbed a Galgos flag from a fan and started waving it around.



The Galgos, reminding us of their shining moments from recent years, commanded a winning lead throughout the game and won 94-82, raising hopes for a better outcome in 2009-2010. Afterwards, small children stormed the court to ask the players to sign basketballs, shirts, and arms. And I was left wanting to know more about these players and how they brought us all together that Saturday night.

** Update: The Mexican basketball league has provided opportunities for a number of basketball players who later played with the NBA. Dennis Rodman, Horacio Llamas, Jamario Moon are a few examples, according to this Wikipedia entry***

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16 responses to “Tijuana’s basketball team – The Galgos – wrap up the season

  1. I seriously think someone should do a video documentary on these guys. Or a reality show! There’s got to be some fascinating stories here about the love of sports, cross-border ties and Mexican basketball.

  2. I wish I was there! Sorry I couldn’t come with this weekend. I look forward to next season. I am trying to convince my cousin to tryout for the team as well.

  3. Found it! I love the girls, btw they seem to have some serious abs…

  4. Wow! It was so great to meet you at the game and even more exciting to read this… My boyfriend, Miguel Flores #22, has played in the league for 3 years now and we have had some amazing/crazy experiences. I agree with the reality show comment, the team/lnbp is full of characters with large personalities. I look forward to seeing you next season and possibly collarborating on that reality show.

  5. Hi, Ashley. I would love to see you blog about it, too! Let’s talk more about that when they start training again. When would that be? What do the players do in-between seasons?

  6. I would love to see more photos of the guys. I’m Jerome’s mom and would love to see the team.

  7. Hi, Courtenay! Thanks for writing in. I have a few more pictures and I’m thinking I’ll put them in the “Around Tijuana” section when I have a chance to go through them again.

  8. How do I get more info about this league. I would Love to play here.

  9. You can try contacting someone through the Mexican Basketball League. I think they have tryouts north of the border at various locales:


  10. Hi,

    I ami interested in trying out for the Tijuana Galgos basketball team for the upcoming season. Would you be able to help me on who I can contact to find out more information? Thank you!!

  11. Hi, NC..The Galgos are no longer (!). They are being replaced by The Tijuana Cosmos.

    I am not finding any contact info. for them, but it looks like they are in the middle of trying out people for the team based on a Spanish-language article in Frontera: http://www.frontera.info/EdicionEnLinea/Notas/Noticias/23062009/384166.aspx

  12. johnny bright

    wont to know how to try out for the team

  13. Hi, Johnny. I’ve gotten two messages over the past few days with that same question! I’ll have to dig around for some info. The Galgos have changed name/ownership and are now the Cosomos. I can’t seem to find a web site yet for the Cosmos, but I’ll ask around.

  14. i love basketball its my life

  15. Hi, Maruma. You just reminded me I should make it out to a game in Tijuana sometime soon.

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