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State to get $7 million for border violence

This is a story in The San Diego Union-Tribune about California being in line for federal funds to prevent border violence from spilling into the United States. All border states are apparently getting the funds, and it will be interesting to see how the money is used. Spill-over violence is something that has existed in a sporadic sense along the San Diego border but it seems to be getting extra attention these days, probably because of the drug violence that has been going on in Mexico.

State to get $7 million for border violence

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Tijuana students compete against San Diego pupils in spelling bee

European Honey Bee Touching Down
Image by autan via Flickr

Students from Tijuana elementary schools showed they could spell better than some of their counterparts north of the border in a special Spelling Bee contest done entirely in English.

An article in El Mexicano newspaper reports that ten of the 18 awards – three were doled out for each grade level – went to children from Tijuana. The recent contest pitted Tijuana students from the Instituto Juan Diego, Instituto Defensores de Baja California, Instituto Metropolitano, Colegio Eiffel, and Instituto Miguel de Cervantes de Tijuana against students from San Diego’s Capri Elementary, Del Sur Elementary, and Perkins Elementary of San Diego, according to the article.

Though the San Diego kids may have had the hometown advantage of being from an English-dominant country, The Tijuana students came from private schools where English is typically taught at a young age. I didn’t find a reference to the event in any English-language publications, but El Mexicano reported this was the second annual cross-border English spelling bee that is coordinated through a Sister Schools program.


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Causes: San Diego fundraiser Tuesday for Tijuana dogs

Like Cats and Dogs 

Image by Qole Pejorian via Flickr

The Humane Society of Tijuana is a non-profit group dedicated to finding homes for some of Tijuana’s thousands of street dogs and cats. They also hold sterilization clinics. The Society attracts volunteers from both sides of the border, and they are holding a fundraiser Tuesday in San Diego. Here’s the note one of their members sent to me:


Greetings Friends!
On Tuesday, September 30th from 5-8 p.m., the La Jolla Brewhouse is having a happy hour to raise money towards a Mobile Unit for Humane Society de Tijuana’s Street Clinics!
La Jolla Brewhouse is a dog friendly establishment, so feel free to bring your furry friends as well. See their website for more info at www.lajollabrewhouse.com
10% of all bar proceeds will be donated to HSTJ and there will be a raffle for some cool prizes such as restaurant and beauty gift certificates, t-shirts and hats. All raffle ticket sales will be donated as well!! The raffle tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5.
So, If you are looking for something fun to do that is also for a great cause, please mark your calendars and come on down to the La Jolla Brewhouse Tuesday, September 30th from 5-8pm!
The La Jolla Brewhouse is located in La Jolla, just off of Pearl Avenue, near the Vons shopping center at 7536 Fay Avenue.
If you have any physical donations for HSTJ, feel free to bring them on Tuesday the 30th as well.
Thank you for your continued support. I hope to see you there!

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SD-Tijuana cross-border coastal cleanup

A reader  brought this San Diego County cross-border event to my attention. It’s the 24th Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day on Saturday, Sept. 20th, which lasts from 9 a.m. to noon.

While the focus is on San Diego County sites, there appears to be four clean-up places south of the border. At noon there will also be a cross-border celebration at Border Field State Park for the South Bay participants and their Tijuana counterparts featuring an eco-kite competition and Son Jaracho music (listen to an example here). The Mexico clean-up sites, with links to directions, are:

Playas de Tijuana , El Faro

Playas de Tijuana – El Vigia

Playas de Tijuana – Canada Azteca

San Antonio del Mar

To learn more about the event, go here.

Screenshot from San Diego County’s Coastal Cleanup website

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Border journalism in the new media age

The San Diego Union-Tribune, which is reportedly being considered for sale, is going through another round of voluntary staff reductions. Exempt from this option is Sandra Dibble, a veteran journalist who arguably knows the Baja California border better than any other U.S. reporter.

Sandra is all that’s left of the paper’s long-standing Mexico staff (reporter Leslie Berestein covers immigration out of San Diego, and Omar Millan writes primarily for the paper’s Spanish-language Enlace). Sandra and I used to work together at the paper’s Tijuana office. In December, I took a voluntary buyout and so did border business reporter Diane Lindquist. The company’s long-time Mexico City correspondent, S. Lynne Walker, also opted out.

Since then, I’ve started this blog and graduate school. Diane created a border business web site. And S. Lynne Walker is vice president of the UCSD-based Institute of the Americas. The media landscape is changing drastically as the Internet creates new ways of sharing information and disrupts traditional advertising models. The paper’s decision to protect the lone-standing border reporter is both a hopeful and sad testimony to journalism’s struggle to survive.

I recently wrote a paper on the past and future of border journalism, “Border Journalism in the New Media Age,” that was published by the University of San Diego-based  Trans-Border Institute. For an interesting graphic on journalism layoffs and buyouts go here.

Map image from Wikimedia Commons classified as being in the public domain.