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Catching up with Tijuana singer Julieta Venegas in L.A.


                   Screenshot of YouTube video of Venegas. Go here to see video

Artist Julieta Venegas is Tijuana’s pride and joy for her unique musical style that seems to transcend borders, genres and ages. She came to the University of Southern California last week as part of the USC Annenberg Distinguished Lecture Series on Latin American Art and Culture that is hosted by series director and USC professor Josh Kun, himself an expert in border arts and culture.

I wanted to attend the special “chat and sing” event on Feb.  12  – but I had a grad school class, so I caught up with the visit on the Los Angeles Times blog, Pop & Hiss. According to writer Margaret Wappler, “Venegas shared anecdotes about growing up in Tijuana, listening to her mother sing Jose Jose songs in the car, and later, as a teenager, crossing the border for drive-in movies in San Diego.” Read more of what Wappler has to say here.

To hear and see a music video of Venegas(above), go to this YouTube site.

Disclosure: I work in the media relations department at USC, though I wasn’t involved in this particular event.