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Los Tigres del Norte hold a cross-border concert – on a plane!

Picture 1The Mexican airline Volaris recently innaugurated its new route between Toluca and Los Angeles with a concert in the air by the famous Mexican Norten0  group, Los Tigres del Norte.

According to this article by La Vanguardia, the group played in a section of the plane where 21 seats had been removed from the Airbus 320 to make room for the in-air concert. But after two hours, when the plane crossed into the United States, the group had to pipe down to conform to flight regulations north of the border.

 Group member Jorge Hernandez told La Vanguardia that they instead played accoustic versions of their songs and promoted their new disc, “La Granja.”  

Here is a news report by Mexican network Televisa (note: it has since been removed by YouTube) that shows snippets of the in-flight show (and the plane’s specially-painted exterior in honor of the Tigres), but I’m not finding any other independent videos posted on YouTube.

The Tigres are a Grammy and Latin Grammy winning group from Sinaloa, Mexico that started recording in California in the late 1960s,  according to Wikipedia. While they have a repertoire of  traditional songs and love ballads, they are also well-known for their recordings about the drug trade (narcocorridos) and illegal immigration.

Screenshot of Volaris logo.

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