Anyone have contacts in Guatemala?

I occasionally scroll through a service called Help A Reporter Out (HARO). Recently, I came upon this query from a film producer called Jesse Zook Mann, who is looking for someone with contacts across the border – in Guatemala – for an upcoming project:

“Looking to document moving stories around Guatemala that make a difference. Mafia resistance, indigenous beauty, modern life, the hope and history of the nation. We want to make a short film including several Guatemalan stories for a short doc for Sundance and other fests. If you have a connection to people down there please be in touch.”

I am assuming he’s looking for someone to work as a ‘fixer’ to get people and places prepped for this kind of thing. I was in Guatemala more than ten years ago. That was back when I was trying to get my Spanish more conversational, and so I enrolled in a language school in Antigua for a very, very good price. In my time off, I got to see a lot of the country, including the famous ruins of Tikal.

But I don’t have any contacts there anymore so I’m posting his appeal here – just in case someone has some leads and is willing to reach out. He looks legit, but I haven’t talked to him myself – so do your own investigations (Update: See comments below for more info. from Jesse) . According to his web site, Zook Mann is “an Emmy Award winning producer and cinematographer from New York City.” Here is his web site: and you can find his contact information there.

4 responses to “Anyone have contacts in Guatemala?

  1. thanks anna! yes im here im a real person wanting to make a short film. thank you for posting this. i first went to guatemala 2 years ago and fell in love… i have kept in touch with some people there… and late one night was checking flight costs… 250 rt from jfk! well i told some of my friends – and found a crew to work for free to go down on their own dimes so we could maybe help some people tell some important stories. ive gotten 15 requests so far from people who really need representation… the need to get good stories out is certainly larger than a few young filmmakers can do in a few weeks… but well do what we can. im not looking for a fixer per se… but someone who knows people… someone who maybe is living in, or knows someone living in a community in guatemala who knows of a story that will make a difference. were organizing, and well be in touch with people as soon as we an. this is a very indy venture – but weve got cameras, and some talented generous people who want to make a movie who love the country… ive always believed that a movie made out of love can never fail… so here we go. Thank you for your support.

  2. Hi, Jesse. Sounds like a terrific film-making adventure Thanks for explaining more about your reasons for going there and the volunteer aspect of the project.

    When are you leaving – and how long do you plan on being there?

    I have very good memories of Guatemala. Aside from the usual tourist experiences, one of them that sticks in my mind is going to a kite-flying festival.

  3. Hi! I dont know how i got to this blog, but i am interested because last spring i travelled through baja california peninsula.. And december 2008 i went to guatemala. I didnt know much but i think i can help. Please contact me by facebook or email

  4. Thanks for offering to help, lcantu! If you wish, you can contact Jesse directly. His email is available through his web site link:

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