Mexico’s police show their dance moves

A video of this lap-dancing police officer was forwarded to me in recent months from my Mexico contacts. I’m posting an abridged (and Rated G version) above, but there is another video mash-up of this called “Policia de TJ” that is is all the rage.

The “Policia de TJ” version frames the video in terms of how these days the Tijuana police officers may not be earning enough money to go to the strip clubs and so they are having to find new ways to collect some cash.  Then the video of the gyrating officer begins. It’s followed by a video ending with clown music of an apparent robber escaping in front of a squad of officers.

The videos are a little grainy and you can’t actually make out the word Tijuana on the insignias, so who is to say they are even officers. Still, if true, I wonder what happened to this officer after he became a YouTube star. I dug around for videos of dancing police officers in the United States and came up with just a few – traffic cops –  who were profiled on the news. Other countries’ police forces seem to have a greater propensity to swish their hips in front of a camera. Judge for yourself who is the better dancer.

Policia de TJ” video:

Mexican officer dancing with his rifle in Sinaloa:

U.S. traffic officer (now retired) in Providence:

A U.S. traffic officer in New York City:

Posted YouTube video – “humor policia bailando –  from OOseasjonathan

9 responses to “Mexico’s police show their dance moves

  1. He should charge for dancing lessons, I learned a few new tricks.

  2. Ha ha!

    Good to hear from you here, Hansen

    Readers should check out Hansen’s blog Unomos, which includes interesting observations of travel in Mexico and elsewhere. I especially liked this recent post of how he learned to drink Tequila “the right way” with Mexicans:

  3. Thanks for the shoutout Anna, would it be to much to ask to show you my tequila methods in person?

  4. I will leave Tequila to experts like you! That stuff scares me. But I look forward to catching up with you at the border. In January , maybe? I’ll be done with my grad program by then, and won’t be buried in homework anymore.

  5. Could this possibly be a celebration video? Maybe these are the guys who captured and arrested David Caruso’s fugitive Austrian stalker earlier this year!

  6. “you can’t actually make out the word Tijuana on the insignias, so who is to say they are even officers”

    They are, however, wearing the uniform of the municipal police that was standard when Jorge Hank was mayor (2004–2007).

  7. Interesting observation you bring up, Francisco…

    By the way, I just visited your blog – very nice! Look forward to reading more of your posts.

  8. I do medical work in Sinaloak several times per year, and I’ve yet to see anything like this. Next time I go, I’ll look for something this interesting. . .

  9. Hi, Dave. What kind of medical work do you do in Sinaloa? Are you with the Doctors Without Borders group?

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