Painted donkey-zebras not just in Tijuana


Tijuana’s painted donkey-zebras have some distant counsins – in a Gaza Strip zoo.

Here in Tijuana, visiting the famous donkey-zebras is a time-honored tradition for tourists to Tijuana’s Avenida Revolucion. You get the family and friends together around the painted donkey, don some sombreros and ponchos, and SNAP – a photo is taken. The city’s unofficial mascots  were apparently painted with black strips as far back as the 1940s so that they could show up more clearly in the black-and-white photos.

Across the world, donkey-zebras are now appearing in the Marah Land Zoo, though in this case the painted stripes for educational purposes. The idea is to teach  Palestinian kids about zebras. According to this Reuters story, the donkeys were painted with women’s hair dye  using a paintbrush after it became clear that importing a real zebra would cost $40,000 or so.

4 responses to “Painted donkey-zebras not just in Tijuana

  1. Anna

    I know I am asking this in the wrong thread…but I couldn’t find a right one… there is a movie set in TJ about a young film maker of middle class who films a girl stealing on Avenida Revolucion and gets involved with her…it has a great soundtrack…only I cant find a thing about it on the Internet…during my search I came across your blog…and after reading I have to think you would know…? the name?

  2. Wow – I wish I knew. But I will ask around. Was the film in English or Spanish. Do you have any other details about it. Was it a short film or a regular-length film. Around what year was it made? Someone out there should know this…hopefully we can find the answer.

  3. It was recent, I thought this year, it is in Spanish, but very little dialog, feature length, and no matter what I google nothing comes up…arrrgh…anyone?

  4. Hi, Moaya. I hope someone gets back to you with some ideas about that film. It sounds interesting!

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