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Tijuana gets a new basketball team: The Cosmos

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For some of you, it may come as a surprise that Tijuana had a basketball team for four years called Los Galgos. I finally got around to attending a Galgos game earlier this year, and had a great time learning more about the team, which like others in the Mexican basketball league has players from both sides of the border.

But it appears that the Galgos (a type of Greyhound) are no more. They are being replaced with a new team, called Los Cosmos, and new owners. I spotted this story in Tijuana’s Frontera newspaper recently about the new team’s logo, which  will include an image of the round-shaped CECUT cultural center in Tijuana near a basketball with the stars glittering above. The team will apparently get new colors, too: blue, orange and grey. (By the way, Mexicali also has a basketball team, the Soles or the Suns).

La Cronica newspaper in Mexicali reports that Los Cosmos will represent Tijuana in the country’s National Professional Basketball League starting this 2009-2010 season and their first game will be Sept. 10 against the Jaibos de Tampico. I’m hoping to hear back from Galgos fans to learn more about whether we will be seeing the same players suited up in different colors or if this will be a completely different crew.

Screenshot of logo from Frontera article.