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A survey on police bribery in Mexico

Picture 7Have you ever been stopped by an officer in Mexico on what you suspected were trumped-up charges meant to solicit a bribe?

Have you flagrantly violated the laws in Mexico because you figure you can resolve these problems with a stack of bills?

I invite readers to fill out a short survey on people’s attitudes towards police bribery in Mexico. Click Here to take survey. When I get enough responses, I’ll write a blog item about the results. In the meantime, I’ll share my story: When I worked in Tijuana, I was stopped by police officers several times on what I suspected were fishing expeditions. The conversations would end predictably: The officer/s would ask me what I was doing in Tijuana and I would explain that I was a reporter for The San Diego Union-Tribune. At that point, I would be treated like an old friend.

One of the frustrations about police bribery in Mexico is that I always suspected that the vast majority of cases go unreported by tourists who don’t have press credentials and who don’t know how to get out of this kind of a sticky situation. It doesn’t even rise to the standard of regular news coverage, though here is an overview story I wrote about the issue in 2007 that was pegged to some efforts being made by Tijuana to address the problem. I’m curious what other people think. Your identity will remain anonymous, but feel free to include your contact information if you want to chat more.

Another link in case you missed it earlier: Click Here to take survey

UPDATE 11/03/09: I’ve kept this survey open and now have 107 responses. Keep them coming! I will try to do a post on the results next week.

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