Mercado Hidalgo a breath of fresh air in Tijuana


It’s easy to overlook Tijuana’s Mercado Hidalgo, which is hidden from outside view by thick, citrus-colored walls. But once you find the marketplace, it’s a pleasure to get lost in the smell of spices, the rows of fluttering pinatas, and the colors of tropical fruits. Nestled in the city’s Zona Rio area, not far from the San Ysidro border,  the market reminds me of those bustling village-style markets in Mexican pueblos deep in the country’s interior.

Mercado Hidalgo is comprised of  several generations of vendors with roots that go back to  the mid-1900s. Reflecting the region’s unique border identity, the market got its start when vendors brought produce from California and Arizona to Tijuana. That was before Mexico built better roads to connect Tijuana with the country’s interior. Now most all of the produce comes from Mexico and you will often find nostalgic Mexican-Americans stocking up on their favorite foods.

During my last year as a reporter at The San Diego Union-Tribune, I learned how to do multi-media presentations. Go here for a virtual visit of Mercado Hidalgo, which includes interviews with merchants, photos of the produce, a history of the market and a locator map.





5 responses to “Mercado Hidalgo a breath of fresh air in Tijuana

  1. I love their fresh juices–orange mixed with carrot, a dash of celery, parsley and beets. Mmmm.

  2. I love the Mercado, I recently took some incredible footage of the entire market for a future report. I usually grab some tacos at Fitos across the street and go to the Market for some sugar cane juice.

  3. Can’t wait to see your report, Masa Assassin! Put a link here when you post it…

  4. Hey I was just there…

    Love the ice cold cocos!


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