Beach Cleanup at Playas de Tijuana this Saturday


Spring Breakers may not be showing up here in hordes this season due to warnings about drug-related violence in Mexico. But that probably is just fine for the people who are sponsoring a Beach Cleanup Day this Saturday at Tijuana’s beachfront, in a neighborhood called Playas de Tijuana. It probably means less riff-raff for them to scrape off of the sand…The event is being hosted by the Proyecto Comunitario Salvemos la Playa, which roughly translates to the Community Project of Save the Beach. It starts at 9 a.m. and people are asked to meet at this location. NOTE: That is 9 a.m. Mexico time and 10 a.m. U.S. time due to time difference.

It looks like they will sweep the beach clean first, and then have a beach party with music, a sand sculpture contest and volleyball. Heads-up to Unomos/aka Hansen Hunt, who reminded me about this one on his Twitter feed.

Screenshot of flyer from Salvemos la Playa website

One response to “Beach Cleanup at Playas de Tijuana this Saturday

  1. Hola amigos!!
    Los invito al tradicional restaurant de playas Mariscos El Guero…ubicado en Paseo Playas 2810 donde disfrutaran de la comida tipica de la zona servida con la calidad y la calidez que nos ha llevado a cumplir mas de 27 anos en la zona…Vengan a probar nuestra sopa de mariscos, tacos de camaron enchilado…etc. Saludos Cordiales!!

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