Two years after the destruction of Tijuana’s bullring…



Tijuana’s bullfighting fans weren’t able to prevent the city’s downtown-area bullring from being demolished in 2007, but they recently got some validation from an internal affairs investigation. The city’s conclusion almost two years after the fact: Tijuana’s then-director of urban administration didn’t follow due process in allowing the bullring’s destruction.

“This makes it official and legally proven that the fight in defense of the Tijuana bullring was noble, legal and just,”according to a press release that came to me from Ricardo Zurita Lopez,  a Tijuana resident and member of a national bullfighting association, after I read about the development in the Tijuana weekly, Zeta

The old bullring on Boulevard Agua Caliente once drew Hollywood starlets like Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner to its stadium seats. Bullfighting fans considered the ring to be a historical monument, but it also became a symbol to some of lack of government accountability and the power of special interests.  The rumor was that it was to be converted to a fancy mall or high-rise housing. So far, nothing appears to have been built there.

Tijuana still has one bullring in the city  – at the Plaza de Toros Monumental in Playas de Tijuana. It draws fans and curious onlookers from both sides of the border.

Go here for a 2007 multimedia story by The San Diego Union-Tribune on the old bullring and its demolition.


Picture of Tijuana’s oldest bullring being demolished in 2007

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