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Wishing I could dance the quebradita


The quebradita is a dance style that is a combination of county western steps, merengue, and cheerleading stunts. Some see influence of the Lindy Hop, as well. At first I thought it originated in Mexico, but now I’m not so sure. According to this book by Sydney Hutchinson* , the dance evolved  in the Mexican-American community and it is seen as a backlash to the anti-immigrant rhetoric that was taking hold in California in the early to mid 1990s. The dance has developed a strong following south of the border, as well. The first time I saw the quebradita was a few years ago when I was watching one of those Mexican television dance contest shows. I’ve tried it myself, but not with much success. The last time I checked, the Las Pulgas nightclub on  Tijuana’s tourist strip of Avenida Revolucion was one of the places south of the border to go see regular local people doing these moves.

*Sydney Hutchinson book is “From Quebratida to Duranguense: Dance in Mexican American Youth Culture

Here’s another YouTube video of how you might see the quebradita danced in tighter quarters with more subdued moves.

YouTube video of quebradita dancers originally posted by rbdpancho1