Daily Archives: March 7, 2009

Two time zones along the U.S.-Mexico border: March 8-April 5


It’s that time of year again when those of us who cross the border regularly have to brush up on our basic math skills and constantly check our clocks. The U.S. moves its clocks forward one hour as of midnight, March 8, to conform to daylight saving time. But Mexico won’t follow suit until almost a month later on April 5, according to a reminder in El Mexicano newspaper. 

This has been going on since 2007 when the U.S. changed its schedule for daylight saving time. For a busy border region like the Tijuana-San Diego area, the time difference creates a particularly annoying wrinkle in time since so many people go back and forth on a regular basis. Here is a link to a 2007 San Diego Union-Tribune story about how the time difference trips up people, causing them to miss appointments and show up too early for events.