Mexican cops doing good: The David Caruso case



Cops gone bad in Mexico is a recurring theme that tends to dominate our perceptions of law enforcement in Mexico. The recent capture by Tijuana law enforcement of  the suspected stalker of actor  David Caruso  highlights the more professional side of police agencies south of the border.  Interestingly, Tijuana authorities say they found the alleged Caruso stalker with the help of a blog called The Stalker Chronicles,  according to this Feb. 20 Associated Press story.

Here is a small sampling of other cross-border investigations: 

In 2001, Baja California investigators arrested a Tijuana man who used his resemblance to Ricky Martin to seduce and rape women. One of the victims I talked to (for a San Diego Union-Tribune story that is no longer available on the Internet) was from the United States. Her cooperation with Mexican authorities was key in his arrest. Here is an abbreviated Associated Press story.

In 2005, Mexican authorities recovered an abducted Nevada girl and arrested a suspect accused of sexually abusing the girl in the United States and Mexico. Here is a reprinted Union-Tribune story.

In 2008, Mexican authorities tracked down a man suspected of murdering his girlfriend in the United States and then fleeing to Baja California. Mexican authorities captured the man in San Felipe. Read the Los Angeles Times story by Scott Glover here.

Photo of David Caruso (above) reprinted permission of Alan Light via Creative Commons license


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5 responses to “Mexican cops doing good: The David Caruso case

  1. This week the Baja California Ministerial Police captured Dennis Gluck, accused of hacking his elderly parents in Carlsbad. They found him Thursday in Ensenada. A cross-border bravo to the ministeriales.

  2. We applaud the Tijuana police for responding to information provided by The Stalker Chronicles. After Heidemarie Schnitzer was charged with stalking and threatening to murder David Caruso, Greta Caruso and Liza Marquez, she failed to appear for two court dates and fled Austria. She has been on the run from Austrian justice for nearly 18 months.

    While in hiding Schnitzer spent 16 hours a day on the Internet slandering David Caruso and his family. She maintained at least four blogs to disparage him and spammed any website, forum or blog that mentioned his name. At one point, the mentally deranged Schnitzer posted pornographic comments directed at Caruso’s then two-year old toddler. It was always feared that she would attempt to breach the US/Mexico border, travel to L.A. and follow through with her death threats.

    Thank you Tijuana for capturing this mentally unbalanced woman.

    Sara Kanne
    The Stalker Chronicles

  3. Sara: Thank you for elaborating more on the Caruso case. That’s a fascinating example of the new role of non-traditional online media in assisting authorities in investigations. Congratulations to The Stalker Chronicles, too!

  4. Here’s a link to the (Feb., 2009) Gluck case mentioned above:

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