What’s your favorite Mexican soup? a) pozole b) menudo c) tlalpeno



I’m not a big fan of menudo or  pozole, but the soups have such a strong following in Mexico that entire businesses are built around serving them. Lately, the pozole-makers had to deal with some bad PR  since the soup name showed up in headlines related to the arrest of a drug cartel suspect who made an entirely different kind of pozole.  (I’m not going to spoil your appetite, but you can learn more here (Los Angeles Times), here(video),  and here(El Universal)

I do like Caldo Tlalpeno, a chicken-and-rice soup punctuated with a super-hot, large chile. Garbanzos and avocado chunks provide additional texture, along with onion and cilantro sprinkles. Served with corn tortillas, I find it to be quite satisfying. My personal favorites in Tijuana are the ones at Ricardo’s (pictured above) and the old Victor’s restaurant, though I’m sure there are plenty of other great ones.

On the same subject of soups, the Los Angeles Times recently ran a story about Mexico City opening its first ever soup kitchen due to the tough economic times. You can access the story and video, by Deborah Bonello, here.

North of the border,  here’s a “Caldo de Camaron” recipe from a blogger who dishes up shrimp soup secrets and her own interesting perspectives on the Eastside of Los Angeles at her site, Swapmeet Chronicles.

picture of Caldo Tlalpeno at Ricardo’s restaurant in Tijuana

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9 responses to “What’s your favorite Mexican soup? a) pozole b) menudo c) tlalpeno

  1. Oh yeah, caldo tlalpeño is excellent.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out!
    I got to admit I do like menudo especially on Sunday morning’s but I usually like only the broth and the hominy I take out most of the meat lol. I love chicken pozole only, my father makes it the best love it! but the story about “The Pozolero” is disturbing indeed and I could see how it would affect the pozole buisness at resturants.
    I never had Tlalpeno but it sounds yummy, I wonder if they make it around here? am going to inqure about that thanks again!

  3. Ha memory lane…My grand mama made the best caldo de res with fresh home made tortillas. The meat would melt off of the bone…

    Abueltita’s rule!



  4. I feel like Gollum: my precious. Gee wilickers, it’s been a looooong time since I been in México and the day to fly once again towards Tj isn’t anywhere in the horizon. Crap.

  5. Great Blog
    I love menudo and pozole mmmm. I will be covering Bajas best eats in my new blog.

  6. Anyone have an recipe for Caldo Talapeno or Talapeno Soup? Thanks

  7. Pingback: Anyone have a good recipe for Caldo Tlalpeno? « Across the border

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