Daily Archives: January 12, 2009

Tijuana at night


                                                Photo by Nathan Gibbs

There’s something I find remarkably peaceful about Tijuana at night when you look at it from the nearby hills. The effect is particularly strong as you drive from the plateau of Otay Mesa downhill towards the city’s center, a sensation that is comparable to coming in for landing by plane. From around a curve in the road, the sparkle of city lights becomes a glittery sea. It’s as if millions of stars have fallen from the sky to rest on the ground. Perhaps I find it so stunning because I am aware the calm is illusionary, interrupted by the evil deeds of drug traffickers and other criminals who operate in the city. For a brief moment, however, the lights snuff out the darkness and bring a sheen of magic to the city’s doorstep.

My own photography efforts have failed to capture this mood, so I’m posting a beautiful Tijuana night photo by Nathan Gibbs, per the stipulations of his creative commons license.  Go to this page for the full effect of a street time-lapse that can also be found directly on his blog, http://www.nathangibbs.com