Happy New Year from Across the Border

I am taking a one-week break from writing, but in the meantime I want to thank those of you who have dropped by to visit – once, or regularly – since this blog started seven months ago. Across the border continues to attract more and more readers even as I continue to experiment with topics and styles. There are times when I really miss the extra eyes of a good editor but in this new media world I have found the collective intelligence  of  readers to be a powerful force. I would like to invite you to fill out a short poll (below) while I’m gone.  To keep you entertained, I leave you links to a few blog postings that may not have gotten the most views but that are interesting in their own right:

Brozo journalism

Tijuana makes me happy, too

A Tijuana talent plays in a taco shop


Thanks, again, for your readership and I wish you a Happy New Year! I will be back here blogging the week of Jan. 5.

Best, Anna

What do you prefer reading about on Across the Border?
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2 responses to “Happy New Year from Across the Border

  1. Thank you Anna for the time you put into your blog. Its a regular page I check when I am on the internet. Though I wish I could post more – I am doing much more learning than contributing. I am happy that someone is providing a true window into a city I am passionate about.

  2. Thanks, Alex! I look forward to getting your perspective on the border. I’m sure you have some interesting observations to share, as well.

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