Actor Matthew McConaughey, Sinaloan beauty queen make news south of border

What do actor Matthew McConaughey and a Sinaloan beauty queen have in common?

They both recently got in a fix south of the border.

In the case of McConaughey, who likes to sprinkle his prose with the phrase “just keep living,” there is a happy ending. The actor writes in his blog that he and a friend went on a road trip and their car broke down somewhere in the middle of the desert in southern Baja California. He thanks an 82-year-old local woman called “Matty” who helped them out. Read more on McConaughey’s blog here.

The story of how Laura Elena Zuniga Huizar, “Our Beauty Sinaloa 2008,” was caught with a stash of firearms and thousands of dollars seems straight out of a Hollywood movie. Zuniga, from the Mexican state of Sinaloa, was detained along with seven men (the exact number seems to vary in news reports) at a military checkpoint in Guadalajara, according to this story in Vanguardia that also has a picture of her.

Zuniga’s reported explanation: They were going to go shopping in Bolivia and Colombia.

**UPDATED INFORMATION on Zuniga’s arrest in  this Associated Press story. Los Angeles Times reporter Tracy Wilkinson also  writes about Sinaloa’s drug trafficking connections in this story published Dec. 28:  “In Sinaloa, the drug trade has infiltrated ‘every corner of life.’ **


YouTube video of Laura Elena Zuniga Huizar – the woman in the yellow dress –  from NoroesteTV

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2 responses to “Actor Matthew McConaughey, Sinaloan beauty queen make news south of border

  1. That girl was really pretty, but so stupid for hanging out or hooking up with them cartel guys. I am sure she got persued by all the money and power they have. She messed up.

  2. I find it fascinating to learn how people get involved in that world.

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