Daily Archives: December 1, 2008

Tijuana bicyclists keep on pedaling


The Ciclopista Tijuana bicyclists – who I wrote about in this previous blog posting-  are the source of inspiration for a story in The San Diego Union-Tribune/SignOnSanDiego this weekend. The bicyclists’ determination to continue with their regular cycling activities despite an uptick in drug-related violence (for the most recent development, go here) provides a very real and symbolic depiction of the ways that people find normality during trying times.

At least 150 riders of all ages participate in the Wednesday night ritual, even though they have had to adapt their routes to avoid sections of the city due to crime scenes, according to the article by my former colleague Sandra Dibble. I still have a pending invitation from the group to join them, and I’m hoping to saddle up for one of their Sunday events.

 To learn more about the Ciclopista Tijuana group,  read the article here. 

YouTube video courtesy of AdictusTJ