Tiger Woods golf project south of Ensenada

The Port of Ensenada    

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The U.S. economy may be tanking and Mexico struggling with drug trafficking violence, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped Tiger Woods and a development group from moving forward with an oceanfront golf course just south of Ensenada.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the project in Punta Brava will include about 125 homes with prices starting at $3 million. Woods told the Journal that “It’s so beautiful there. You see the ocean from all the 18 holes. That’s something we didn’t ever want to lose.” Read the rest of the Journal article here.

Golfbaja.com lists 15 golfing facilities along the entire Baja peninsula. I’m not a golfer, but I am familiar with the Club Campestre Golf Resort in Tijuana, and I have a friend who has done some golfing south of Tijuana and seemed to like it. (Another Baja golf site to check out is bajacaliforniagolf.com)

The Journal reports the latest project won’t open until 2011, which gives a fair amount time for things to cool off both north and south of the border. In the meantime, you can listen to the sound of ocean waves rolling onto shore at the project’s website here.

Woods is the latest U.S. celebrity to attach his name to a Baja California project. Donald Trump lent his name to a high-end coastal condo-hotel project just south of Tijuana that’s supposed to be completed in 2009, according to an article in The San Diego Union-Tribune. These kinds of developments in Baja California are typically marketed to residents north of the border.

Picture of Ensenada port by Cesar Bojorquez via Wikipedia, Creative Commons

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