Tijuana’s Baby Rock Grows Up

Tijuana’s Baby Rock was the mega-sized club to party at in the ’90s, attracting big names and big crowds. I remember celebrating a New Year’s eve here once with friends and meandering happily up and down the terraced floors filled with glamorous people.

I don’t think I ever actually saw any of the Arellano-Felix drug cartel clan here, but it was the kind of place that drew people with that kind of money. To prevent problems, patrons were screened pretty carefully for guns and other weapons.

Eventually, other warehouse-sized clubs started popping up in Tijuana, first Tangaloo and then Balak, which created some competition for the stalwart boulder. This summer I noticed that Baby Rock – known for its rock-like exterior – had lost the baby part of its name. This must have happened sometime after I stopped working in Tijuana in December because I’m pretty sure it was still Baby Rock back then. I would be curious to hear other people’s memories of Baby Rock – and what others think of The “new” Rock – which is located five minutes from the San Ysidro border on Paseo de los Heroes (near the statue of Abraham Lincoln).

16 responses to “Tijuana’s Baby Rock Grows Up

  1. Well, my memory of Baby Rock was going to an opera benefit. Not the typical experience, I guess. And the story of the chandelier that once fell on the head of a kid.

  2. One of my memories of La Roca? So many to choose from. I think my favorite occurred during one of the Rock’s anniversary parties. That night we entered the club through the employee entrance because the line at the front door was so long. It was like that scene in Goodfellas. I knew people that knew people back then. Once we were in at the club, we were ushered to our table where a cubeta of cervezas and a bottle of whiskey awaited us.

    Later that night I found myself in the VIP room (first time ever in that room) and ran into boxing champion Erik Morales, who was wasted. I saw him leave that night with a girl who was less than championship quality. Ha ha.

    Good times.

  3. I forgot about the chandelier incident!

    I think Jaime wins the prize for most interesting Baby Rock story to date. If only those rock walls could talk…

    • i remember that incident,thats when it actually lost its popularity… i remember going there to party in a black suit,,haha! good old days.. now i just see it from across the street when i go to La Cantina de los Remedios(aka)Guadalajara Grill).

  4. The typography on The Rock’s logo — not cool.

  5. When I was growing up in Chula Vista, the radio advertisements for this club were all over the airwaves. I’ll never forget ’em…

    Baby, baby, baby…
    Baby, baby, baby…

    I always lamented I wasn’t old enough to go. Will have to try it out now.

  6. Well i will say,it was a nice partying place,we were catered to,and we had girlfriends who lived there,and got us in as VIPs,and yes tequila,whiskey and more just waiting for us to party. but let me ad, those hot chicas,there dont take any crap from each other on the dance floor,one bump or two later,there was a brawl, and let me say they can whoop ass, and after it cleared up,we were taken to other clubs,in penthouses to party, oh what a night.:
    ,memorys” i wouldnt change for the world. viva la Baby Rock.” LOL” yes id go back. so much fun.

  7. Sounds like a memorable moment, or two, or three….Those spiked heels can be deadly weapons.

  8. I used to promote a DJ by the name of DJ Taurus. One night I was invited to Baby Rock by some friends and the minute I walked into that club, I wanted to throw a party there. I gave the manager a demo CD of DJ Taurus and within a week I was asked to meet with the owner and manager. At the time, their house DJ only played Hip Hop when the Techno and Trance was the hot thing and they knew they needed to make a change.

    I guess I was at the right place at the right time. We started by introducing the electronic music on Friday and Saturday nights for the last 2 hours or so. When they had their 20 year anniversary, the place was packed with people outside begging to get in. We took the opportunity to promote DJ Taurus and EvolutionX which was my night to run the club every Thursday.

    I immediately moved the DJ Equipment onto the main stage held up by metal chains. Had a screen put in behind it, and brought in dancers and a laser. We had fire dancers, circe de sole type acts, and a bus that picked you up and dropped you back off at SDSU.

    Those were the best times of my life. I was treated like a king, even had my birthday party in the VIP room. I brought in other promoters like Club Naked.

    The setup at Baby Rock put most clubs here to shame. The only thing that I could not get used to was the fact the at Baby Rock the VIP section were the tables next to the dance floor. I was told that the VIP’s at Baby Rock wanted to be seen by everyone so everyone knew they were important.

    That was fine with me because VIP for me was the entire section of booths right above their VIP which rather than being seen by everyone, instead I could see everyone.

    To me, Baby Rock was and still is one of the best laid out clubs I have seen at puts most clubs here to shame any day.

  9. HI, SBD. I would love to feature your comments in one of my future blog posts! It sounds like you had a real insiders experience with the Baby Rock scene.

  10. Born and raised in San Diego,i do have alot of great memories of ‘BABY ROCK” in the early 90’s we were here almost everyweekend, came here to see Monica Naranjo,a singer from spain.. it actually lost its high end client when the frame holding the strobe lights fell and injured several people dancing… other clubs were really great during the 90’s were Senor Frogs, zolls,Rodeo de Medianoche and Bananaranas..all these are gone already,,great memories..

  11. Hi, Francisco. Thanks for sharing the Baby Rock memories from the ’90s! I’ve been to Cantina de los Remedios. That place is LOUD.

    • Hi! Acearley. Yeah it is lound! too loud,you have the Mariachi and the Norteno playing at the same time…but its still fun….

  12. Hi, Francisco. Yes – I remember having a really good time there, noise and all. It is definitely a Tijuana experience!

  13. Hi acearley,

    You can feature my comments whener you like. If you have any questions let me know. I stumbled across an old online video promotion for EvolutionX at Baby Rock and uploaded it to my YouTube Account.

    DJ Taurus Baby Rock 11-2001


  14. well, i truly dont know where to start..I had plenty of great times @ baby rock and at a smaller scale club right accross the street called Club Zka..OMG i started going to these clubs when i had just turned 18…after a few weeks i started meeting people through my friends and we would party hard and go to club zka on fridays and Baby Rock on saturdays..I knew many people who worked with the arellanos who i met here @ these clubs.. we would be treated like royalty. we would spend thousands of dollars in one weekend on bottels of conac, whiskey, cocain, extacy, marijuana, prostitutes, hotel rooms, and of course we gave the waiters and gaurds excellent tips for giving us special priviliges.. we had acces to all vip rooms, easy entry to the clubs and in case of emergencies we had special access to exit. overall it waaas great it was like my second home..i knew everybody working there and everyone who partied their.. It was like someone already mentioned, The goodfellas…we woould enter with guns and drugs..kknnow i look back and i think it was a extremely dangerous environment, because easily people got killed and shot because we had guns and were druged out.. police were on our side because we were with the Mafia. things at B Rock started to go bad not because the light fixture fell, it lost popularity because people started getting killed and kidnapped after leaviing Baby Rock..wouldnt that make u stop going? So now u knnow that the comments u heard about baby rock werent just lies, it was god hoooonest true…

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