Tires sink into the Tijuana landscape

                                               Photo by Nathan Gibbs

Many tires come to Tijuana, not to die, but to take on a second life for creative and practical purposes. It’s common to see tires used as stairways or reinforcement along the dangerously-sloped hillsides. Painted yellow, they become curb fences. Others turn into playground apparatus.

But many other tires end up languishing in limbo, creating potential fire hazards or breeding grounds for pests. This past week, tires were part of the talk at the Border Governors Conference in Los Angeles. Environmental secretaries from all ten U.S.-Mexico states signed the Tire Initiative Letter of Understanding, “which implements tire pile prevention measures and strives to eliminate tire piles public health risks,” according to a press release from the EPA. 

I meant to snap some pictures this weekend of tires in odd places, but I missed a few opportunities so I’m borrowing from Nathan Gibbs, who has a blog that includes interesting videos and multimedia mashups of Tijuana life and scenes.

Read about another border issue – pollution – discussed at the conference here.

2 responses to “Tires sink into the Tijuana landscape

  1. It is intresting how you point out that tires serve as so many factors in Tijuana even to the point that it is overwhelming now, and can be a hazard who would think.
    I would love to see random pictures of the many uses of the tires keep us posted!

  2. I agree. Once you start looking for them, they start to pop up everywhere. I once saw an art exhibit in Mexico City that was entirely based on the concept of tires.

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