Daily Archives: August 14, 2008

Mexican drug traffickers have their own Space

Almost everyone has a web site these days. That includes – so it seems –  the Arellano Felix drug cartel family.

I stumbled across this page recently. It has the domain name of miguelfelixgallardo.com. Miguel Felix Gallardo was an older relative of the Arellano Felix brothers, according to U.S. and Mexican reports.  Miguel Felix Gallardo,  said to be a major cartel leader in the 1980s,  remains in a Mexican prison since 1989. Ramon and Benjamin Arellano Felix took over the Baja California portion of the business around that time, but in recent years the Arellano clan and their associates have been getting arrested and killed. The web site claims to be maintained by the remaining Felix family: “The reason and objective is to let others know the health condition of our father, uncle, brother, friend and grandfather Miguel.” 

The site includes a biography (under construction) of Miguel Felix Gallardo, photos, and a forum where someone claiming to be Miguel Felix Gallardo responds to questions such as “what do you think of the narco corridos that have been written about you?” and “how can criminal activities be stopped?” The answer to that one:  More funding for sports and education, and less salaries for government officials.

I’ve seen and heard a lot of strange things in Tijuana and this one begs the question: Is it quasi-real? Has it been set up by investigators as a trap? Is it a joke? In the murky underworld here it can be hard to say for sure – but who’s to argue Miguel Felix Gallardo looks pretty jaunty on that motorcycle.