The general and his letters

The San Diego Union-Tribune published an interesting story about the transfer of controversial Mexican General Sergio Aponte Polito (pictured above), who oversaw military operations in the state of Baja California and who had been writing some damning letters about other agencies.

Aponte’s public allegations came as a surprise to many reporters here who were more used to military officials providing vague and meaningless quotes during occasional drug-burning events. But the military, with its larger role in combatting drug trafficking here,  appeared to have a change of heart in the wake of drug-related violence earlier this year. 

The military reached out to the media (serving, from what I hear, better cookies at their events than the police agencies). Then the General started scribbling letters to the media, accusing state officials of corruption. He even listed names. People started to wonder how long he would last before he was gunned down or removed from his post. Whether Aponte was being imprudent or brutally honest, it’s probably safe to say the military’s brief glasnost period has ended.

Update: The Los Angeles Times writes about the General. See another story by the Associated Press here.

photo of Aponte from July 25, 2008,  Zeta weekly cover

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