Cross-border arrests of U.S. and Mexican officers

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U.S. and Mexican officials publicly define cross-border relations in positive terms such as “cooperation” and “strides.” I get the impression that things have improved, but behind the scenes Mexico still gets flak for not doing enough to stop drug trafficking while the United States is criticized for not doing enough to stop the southbound flow of guns.

Things get even touchier when officials are allegedly involved in the activities. The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that last week U.S. authorities in the Los Angeles area arrested a Mexican federal investigator, Carlos Alberto Cedano Filippini, and several other people on drug related charges. Cedano oversaw the Mexicali (Baja California) office of a Mexican federal investigations unit (AFI) that’s often compared to the FBI.

Interestingly, several days later, two Monterey County police officers were detained in Tijuana by Mexican authorities after allegedly bringing guns and ammunition across the border, according to the Monterey County Herald.

The Los Angeles Times also ran a story of Cedano’s arrest here.

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2 responses to “Cross-border arrests of U.S. and Mexican officers

  1. The scary thing about this flow of events is that they become yesterdays news in a matter of minutes. But the real magical stunt here is that the government of Baja California manages to remain unscathed. It has become so common to just accept the corruption inherent in the police of Baja California that one just takes it for granted that there is corruption. Before the PAN became a powerhouse to be reckoned with one of the arguments for the rampant corruption was that the officers had low wages and by default the had to be corrupt. But now nobody speaks of the problem despite the thesis being proven wrong. Officers are well paid yet they remain even more corrup than before. En fin, saludos nórdicos van pues.

  2. Interesting points you bring up, Julio! Thanks for your thoughtful commentary. Corruption is such a challenging problem, especially when institutions are weak and there are few alternatives for the majority to attain the kind of lifestyle we have perpetuated.

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