Another Tijuana hero


If you drive by Tijuana’s airport, which is to the west of the Otay Mesa Port of Entry, you will see a series of banners flapping in the wind that were posted several years ago in honor of the community’s civic and cultural leaders.

That those fading banners are still standing is testimony to Tijuana’s own unflappable spirit. The honorees include Jesus Blancornelas, who co-founded the investigative newspaper Zeta and who survived an attack on his life by the Arellano Felix drug cartel. But most of the others are known for cheerier contributions, such as accordion-pop artist Julieta Venegas.

Looks like the city has another candidate for a banner now: Antonio Margarito,  “The Tijuana Tornado” who grew up in Tijuana and beat the reigning WBA welterweight champ Miguel Cotto  last week in what was apparently a stunning moment in boxing’s history.  

The city’s mayor and other officials honored him upon his return, the Tijuana newspaper Frontera reports. Now, if only Margarito could do to the drug cartel leaders here what he did to Cotto then the city would have another reason to cheer.

Screen shot from Tijuana’s Frontera newspaper.

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