A Tijuana talent plays in a taco shop


Live music is a constant backdrop in Tijuana eateries. These impromptu mini-concerts by guitarists and other street musicians are often inconsequential to the task at hand of scarfing down tacos and socializing. So when I heard someone strumming mid-taco at a Tacos Junior restaurant last weekend all I could think of was whether or not I had some change in my pocket for the inevitable.

And then she started to sing. That was the first surprise – that the musician was female. Within seconds, she had taken command of that room with an incredibly strong and soulful voice. I don’t know what she was playing but it was a moody song that felt like it came from the gut. When she finished, the place erupted in applause for the young musician. I asked her what her name was and she said it was Alejandra Loaiza. She looked familiar and afterwards I realized that she sometimes sells candy in Tijuana’s streets. The concert left such an impression on me that I looked her up on the Internet and found that someone has posted a YouTube video of her (posted above). I also read an article in Zeta that mentions her as an aspiring actress.

I would like to think that many years from now when Alejandra is famous I will be able to say I first heard her sing in a Tijuana taco place.

2 responses to “A Tijuana talent plays in a taco shop

  1. She sounds like Nina Diaz from Girl in a Coma…

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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