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News: On zebras, subs and bugs

Are Tijuana’s donkeys (the ones that are painted to look like zebras) really endangered?

That’s the question raised by an Associated Press story this week. These kinds of articles show up every so often when there is an uptick in drug-related violence, tourism goes down, and certain media groups start looking for a snazzy new angle. In fact, here’s another story just like it by Reuters from 2006.

I would venture to speculate this time around that there’s another reason for the downsized donkey business: The donkeys are competing against the Tijuana Cow Parade art exhibit that’s also on the tourist strip of Avenida Revolucion. The sculpture cows, after all, don’t charge for photos.

If the drug trade is scaring away business on Avenida Revolucion, don’t expect to get a break in the high seas either. Another story emerged this week about a submarine that was found off the coast of Mexico’s southern state of Oaxaca, with loads of cocaine. These kinds of subs are typically found off the coast of Colombia, according to news reports, but it looks like now they are migrating north like the whales.

Finally, remember Across the border’s July 1 post about the Tijuana bug at the border? U.S. media were abuzz this week about the Asian citrus phyllids’ potential theat to the California citrus industry while this blog celebrates its first “scoop.”

photo credit: RVforSaleGuide.com

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causes: shoes to save border animals

There are quite a few non-profit groups and associations doing interesting work in Baja California, from providing eye exams to saving street children and abused animals. This blog posting kicks off a new occasional series called “causes” that will look at what they are doing.

To start off we will highlight a Summer fundraiser being held by San Felipe’s Animal Rescue (mentioned previously here)  that is holding an EBay shoe sale through Aug. 15: Buy two shoes and the second pair is half price. The benefits will go towards their ZAPP project, which stands for Zero Additional Pup-ulation Project. The Baja Animal Rescue has a page on EBay  where you can regularly scroll for shoes that are either brand new or barely-worn. The group – that operates on the northeast section of the Baja peninsula –  collects donated shoes throughout the year to update the selections.

According to the Rescue group,  they’ve managed to fix 502 dogs and cats in the San Felipe area since January. Read more about their spay and neuter program here. The next clinic is being held July 26 in San Felipe, and they are starting to hold pet adoptions across the border in El Centro, Calif.  Learn more about these and other programs on their web site.

Addition: Per request, this is the address to send donated shoes to the group.

Shoes For Spays/San Felipe Animal Rescue

95 East Highway 98

Calexico, Calif. 92232.


screen shot from San Felipe’s Animal Rescue Group’s EBay store.