Brozo journalism

North of the border, comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert deliver the news with their trademark deadpan style of humor. In Mexico, there’s Brozo the clown, played by Victor Trujillo, who injects bawdy insinuations into his unrestrained weekly analysis of the country’s top stories.

Being familiar with Spanish is no guarantee you will catch all the double entendrees in this show. One of the show’s guests, a bird sock puppet, is apparently a veiled reference to Brozo’s own male anatomy. Brozo’s other helpers include a priest, a robot, a soldier, and a sexy female reporter who sings and gyrates at the end of her interviews.

One recent show touched on the political fallout from twelve people being trampled to death during a botched law enforcement operation in a Mexico City club. There was also a segment of man-on-the-street interviews about what kind of herbs or foods eliminate erectile dysfunction. You get the picture.

Brozo’s latest Televisa news-comedy show is called El NotiFiero, which airs Friday nights in Tijuana. Here’s a video clip of Brozo and here’s a 2002 story by The New York Times.

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