Tijuana makes me happy, too

herb alpert & the tijuana brassImage by m g a via Flickr

I’ve been thinking that Tijuana needs a new anthem. A whole generation of ’60s music fans came to associate Tijuana with Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass’  Tijuana Taxi, the campy song that has no words. But that wasn’t really homegrown and people just don’t dress like that anymore. See the video here.

Now a whole new generation is tapping their feet to a catchy song by Tijuana’s Nortec collective called “Tijuana Makes Me Happy.” I’ll let you read this post on SignOnSanDiego to learn more about how the collective creates its music. The song doesn’t try to cover up the city’s flaws – there’s a refrain that sounds to me like “bang, bang” – and yet it’s got an incredibly upbeat vibe.

Digging up more information about the song, I learned that it accompanies a movie with the same title directed by Dylan Verrechia. The independent (2007) movie, with a limited release, has attracted some indie-type awards for its Tijuana story about a 14-year-old boy, a prostitute, drugs and the border. Not exactly the kind of themes that make Tijuana’s tourism officials happy, yet the movie’s got more than 3,000 fans on its MySpace page. See the music video for yourself here.

Any other suggestions for Tijuana theme songs? I would personally like to hear Tijuanense Julieta Venegas take a crack at it, if she hasn’t already.

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2 responses to “Tijuana makes me happy, too

  1. I think Julieta Venegas is absolutely the best pick to represent the best of Tijuana. Especially since she has bonafides from both sides of the border. She is a gigantic talent.

  2. Thanks for the comments, David! It’s great to hear from you – and congrats on your own projects.

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