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More trees for Tijuana

During the Spring rains this year, Tijuana underwent a metamorphosis. The city turned green. A brilliant, emerald shade of green. The normally dusty and dry hillsides sprang to life with new sprouts of grass and flowers. I hadn’t seen this in my seven years working in Tijuana and it made me feel joyous for the few weeks it lasted.

Lack of foliage has always been an issue here, and many residents have resigned themselves to the dust that coats cars and that finds its way inside homes. Now the Tijuana newspaper Frontera reports that the Mexican federal government is providing 3,000 trees to be planted in about a dozen points in this border city. Some of the areas mentioned include Avenida Revolucion, the road near the airport, and Paseo de los Heroes. The article mentions that the state’s goal is to plant 30,000 trees in the entire state.

It will be interesting to see where those trees end up taking root and how the government balances aesthetics with need. Additional trees in places like Avenida Revolucion will make tourist areas more pleasant for visitors, maybe even bring in more business, but the parts of the city that probably need trees the most are in the poorest colonias where shady areas are scarce and where few tourists go.

stock photo from freefoto.com

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