Chewing the cud


The international cow exhibit made it to Tijuana, and the timing couldn’t have been better. After a grim year of drug-related violence the city needed a little levity. I saw the cows for the first time while paying my cell phone bill here a few weeks ago.  I wasn’t sure what was more amazing: The sight of colorful, sculpted bovines perched along the city’s streets or the sight of Tijuanans smiling and taking photos, strolling in public as if there wasn’t a chance at all of being caught in the middle of a shootout between feuding drug groups. Their reactions sort of reminded me of what it was like back in college when people emerged giddy from those nasty, long Chicago winters.  A few days later, however, I learned that at least one, possibly two, of the cows had been stolen. Several suspects have been taken into custody. The exhibit, which can be seen along Avenida Revolucion and Paseo de los Heroes, reportedly lasts through July.

Check out other people’s photos of the Tijuana Cow Parade on Flickr

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